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Quality policy:

      Precision design, Producing whole-heartedly, through rational management, security production and continuous improving, providing goods with highest reliability,  pursuing customer satisfaction.

      Solorein possesses the advanced running idea and technology  in product design and  development from beginning. It is committed to  providing the best service by standing in the perspective of markets and looking for the needs consistently. Solorein insist that adhering to the truth,  law abidance and   rigorous  management  can support the quality program running effectively.  Solorein has the approach that  paying much attention  on practice and  details when striving for excellence in quality continuous improvement  will contribute to much scientific and better service for customer satisfaction.

 Our environment and occupation heath management policy is :

  Take man as the main body in carrying on  low-carbon operation for environment protection; keep safety first and do prevention in advance.

We respect  every employee and  care for their health and safe in occupation, which take the first place in our company management as far as inception. our aim is for ending safety accident happened through complying with the laws and rules, as well as indentifying the safety and environment  troubles in advance in  production and service. We are also committed to saving energy and reducing the emission so as to fulfill the social responsibility  and keep on improving.

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